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Northern Vietnam port city Hai Phong plans modern eco-economic zone  6June 2024

Hai Phong is set to establish a 3.0 generation, multi-sector ecological economic zone along its southern coast, focusing on hi-tech industries and modern logistics. Covering 20,000 hectares, the zone aims to join regional and global value chains, bolstering the city's economy.

The zone, part of Hai Phong's development plan for 2021-2030, will include industrial parks, airports, and international ports, strategically positioned on key economic corridors. With an expected investment of $2.5 billion and interest from international investors, the zone is poised to become a significant economic driver, enhancing both local and national development.

CCCC Dredging to develop Malaysia’s first smart AI container port  6 June 2024

Midports Holdings, a subsidiary of Tanco Holdings, has partnered with CCCC Dredging Group to design and implement Malaysia's inaugural Smart AI Container Port in Port Dickson. CCCC Dredging, known for its advanced equipment and extensive experience in dredging and port engineering, aims to elevate Malaysia's maritime infrastructure with operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. The proposed port, strategically located in the Straits of Malacca, will offer natural deep water access, accommodating the world's largest container ships.

Kerry Siam Seaport Optimizes Operations and Reduces Carbon Emissions  4 June 2024

Kerry Siam Seaport Limited (KSSP) in Laem Chabang, Thailand, partnered with Kaleris to optimize operations, reducing truck distances by 20% and container rehandles by 10%. This collaboration, leveraging Navis N4 Terminal Operating System modules, resulted in improved productivity, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced customer service. KSSP's Director praised Kaleris for delivering tailored solutions, while Kaleris' COO emphasized the alignment of global best practices with local requirements, ensuring efficiency for KSSP.

Govt to develop container terminal-1 at Payra Port under PPP  23 March 2024

The government has approved the development of container terminal-1 at Payra Port under Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Payra Portaims to reduce congestion at Chattogram Port and enhance Bangladesh's transportation infrastructure. The project seeks to improve trade gateway, service quality, and competitiveness, while reducing pressure on existing ports.

Payra Port's strategic location facilitates cargo movement in the southwestern region, supported by road, rail, and waterway connections. Despite ongoing modernization efforts, challenges such as limited capacity and environmental concerns persist.

Southern Thailand calls for cruise terminal  5 June 2024

Southern Thailand tourism advocates are pushing for a cruise terminal to attract more international visitors. If approved, construction could start in 2029, with operations by 2031. Plans also include transforming Phuket deep-sea port into a hybrid cruise terminal, accommodating both small and large ships. Meanwhile, Songkhla Tourism Association seeks to boost tourism by proposing a cruise ship terminal and direct flights from China to Hat Yai. Additionally, the Transport Ministry plans to launch a seaplane service in Phuket by year's end as part of its aviation hub policy.

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