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PM inspects Phase 3 of Laem Chabang Port development project  25 June 2024

Prime Minister SretthaThavisin visited Rayong and Chonburi to oversee key projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). At U-Tapao International Airport in Rayong, he reviewed progress on connecting the airport to a high-speed rail network, aimed at boosting regional transportation, economic growth, and tourism. In Chonburi, he examined a proposed F1 racing route at Jomtien Beach, part of a strategy to attract international tourists.

The final stop was Laem Chabang Port, where Phase 3 of the development project is underway. This phase, currently 13.26% complete, will increase container capacity and improve shipping capabilities, supporting economic growth and reducing transportation costs.

Sri Lanka and Singapore Explore Enhanced Cooperation in Maritime, Port Development,  and Aviation Sectors  1 July 2024

Sri Lanka's High Commissioner, Senarath Dissanayake, met with Singapore's Minister for Transport, Chee Hong Tat, to discuss collaborations in maritime, port development, and aviation sectors. They focused on sustainability and technological advancements, with Sri Lanka aiming to transform Colombo Port into an eco-friendly port by 2030 and expressing interest in joining Singapore's Green-Digital Shipping Corridor.

Minister Chee highlighted Singapore's efforts in maritime decarbonization and suggested Sri Lanka explore Sustainable Aviation Fuel production. The meeting also discussed training and knowledge transfer opportunities for Sri Lankan officials in these sectors.

Thailand’s export value forecast to grow 1-2% in H2: TNSC  3 July 2024

The Thai National Shippers' Council (TNSC) predicts a 1-2% growth in Thailand's export value in the second half of this year. However, TNSC Chairman Chaichan Chareonsuk noted that various factors, such as geopolitical conflicts, US-China trade tensions, and rising production costs, could impact this growth.

The baht is expected to weaken against the US dollar, boosting export competitiveness. The TNSC recommends that the government maintain stable energy, electricity, and wage costs, support industries with export potential, and ensure access to credit for small- and medium-sized shippers. Additionally, exporters are advised to secure annual freight contracts and promote Thai products globally.

Plan to build Korat dry port comes closer to fruition  3 July 2024

The Thai government is advancing plans to build a dry port in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) to improve logistics for the Northeast Economic Corridor. This dry port will connect by road and rail to the Laem Chabang deep seaport, enhancing both domestic and international logistics networks.

It aims to facilitate trade with Laos, Myanmar, and China, and boost exports of local products like tapioca starch, rice, and sugar. The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) is tasked with selecting the location, with potential sites being Ban Kradone railway station and TambonKudjik. The investment model for the project is still under consideration.

Introducing Exhibition Sponsor –  Steelpaint 

Steelpaint_Logo_4c [转换]-01.png

Steelpaint from Germany produces high-performance single-pack coatings based onPolyurethane and marketed worldwide under the registered Stelpant and Stelcatec brands for use in hydraulic and civil structural engineering and the shipping industry.


When it comes to protecting port structures, one of the greatest challenges is the sea itself. Extreme conditions such as tides, salt water and permanently damp environments place the highest demands on coating systems. Within the tidal range, the complete PU coating system can be applied and ready for exposure to water in six hours! Our moisture curing, low-solvent coatings (MCPU) are tailored to the specific needs of hydraulic steel structures and comply with international standards.

Suitable anywhere Steelpaint MCPU products are suitable for application at temperatures ranging from -5°C to +50°C and at relative humidity levels of up to 98 %. All too often, two-component coatings suffer as a result of mistakes made during mixing or go to waste because the reaction time has been exceeded. Our MCPU coatings overcome both these problems, and can be applied using brushes, rollers or airless spraying.

Steelpaint products are low in solvents, free from both PAHs and heavy metals, and comply with all current international regulations.

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